Previous Years’ Schedules

2017-2018 Schedule

September 8th Paul Salzman,”Scrapbook Shakespeare: James Orchard Halliwell
Phillipps and the preparation of a nineteenth-century Shakespeare

October 6th Michele Troy, “Strange Bird: The Albatross Press and the Third

November 17th Anthony W. Lee “Rambler 2 and Johnson’s Dictionary: Paratextual and Intertextual Entanglements with Pope, Statius, Dryden, Gay, and Milton”

February 2nd Heather Schell, “American Delight: Harlequin Romance in Turkey”

March 2nd Victoria Burke, “Collecting, Compiling, and Creating: Engaging with the Bible in Seventeenth-Century Women’s Manuscript Writing”

April 13th Jason Farman, Marks of Uncertainty: Bodily Traces and Temporality in Message Exchange

2016-2017 Schedule

September 9th Daniel Shore, et al. “The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Project”

October 7th Emily Kugler, “Questions of Authorship and Ownership in A History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. Related by Herself. With a Supplement by the Editor. To Which is Added …”

November 18th Tim Jackson and Holly Peppe, “Edna St. Vincent Millay”

February 3rd Deidre Johnson, “Scribbling Siblings and Series Fiction The Stories of Adelaide F. and Mrs. S. B. C. Samuels.

March 3rd Kelly Cook, “Operative Ornament and the Varieties of Form in Renaissance France”

April 7th David Norbrook, “‘I write not for the press, to boast my own weaknesses to the world’: Lucy Hutchinson and the Restoration Public Sphere”

2015-2016 Schedule

September 11th Pamela O. Long, “Engineering, Cartography, Antiquarianism,
and the Culture of Print in Late Sixteenth-Century Rome”

October 9th Nicholas Smith, “‘…stuff, trash, and nonsense’: the formation and dispersal of David Garrick’s library.”

November 6th David Gants, “Descriptive Bibliography: Putting the Book Back in Book History”

February 5th Susan Garfinkel, “Samuel Wetherill’s Self-Publishing, Or; Quaker Disownment and the Politics of Print in 1790s Philadelphia.”

March 4th Marija Dalbello, “The Making of Presence through Sensations and Illusions:‘Picturization’ in Photoplay Novels”

April 8th Jessica Brantley,”Late Medieval Parchment Rolls of Hours”

2014-2015 Schedule

September  12th            Ezra Greenspan, “Biography, Print Culture, and the Archive:                                        The Case of William Wells Brown”

October 3rd                  Greg Metcalf, “How Television Came To Be Novels”

November  14th           Simran Thadani, “The ‘I’ in Instruction: An Investigation
of Two Anonymous 17th-Century Writing-Books”

February  6th                Alan Galey, Veils of Print and Veils of Code:

March  6th                     George Barnam, Forest/Trees/Paper/Documents:
Proposals for Papermaking at the U.S. Government Printing                                 Office

April 3rd                       Vanessa Harding, Autobiography, bibliography, and                                        history: Richard Smyth of London (1590-1675)

2013-2014 Schedule

September  6th            Goran Proot, “Evolving layouts, changing readerships:                                      The design of title-pages of vernacular and Latin books                                        published in Flanders, 1541–1660”

October 4th                 Steven Herb, “Storyteller without Words: The Graphic World                                      of Lynd Ward”

November  1st             Katherine Acheson,”True Ownership: Writing and Selfhood                                       in Early Modern Bibles”
February  7th              Sue Rainey,  “The Indefatigable Harry Fenn: ‘Nestor’ of the Guild                                    of American Illustrators”

March  7th                  Amanda Lahikainen, “Imitation Banknotes and the Visual Culture of                                   Paper Money in Britain, 1782-1847”
April 4th                     Dan Raff, “What Became of Borders?”

2012-2013 Schedule

September  7th           Holly Brewer, “The Mysterious Death of Morgan Godwyn:                                                            historical vision of the debates over slavery in the                                                            early British empire”

October 5th                 Rebecca Benefiel, “Making Sense of Ancient Graffiti”

November  9th           Eleanor Shevlin, “Eighteenth-Century Newspapers and                                                                 the Making of the English Novel.

February  1st               Leah Chang, “The Desire for Sappho:    &nbsp                                                   Or, the Typographical Invention of Louise Labé.”

March 1st                   Kristin Bluemel,  “‘A Happy Heritage’: Children’s Books, Women’s                                                                 Work, and the 1930s Wood Engraving Revival.”                                               Listen to Kristin on Women Wood Engravers here.

April 12th                  Rodney Mader,  “‘The Deserted Wife’ and the Arts of                                                             Transmission.”

2011-2012 Schedule

October  7th           Chase Richards, “The Two Lives of Karl Gutzkow: On the Fate                                     of a ‘Popular’ Print Venture”

November 18th       Ingrid Satelmajer, “The King James Bible and Digital Culture”

February  3rd          Casey Smith, “Advertising as Everyday Spectacle:                                    Thomas J. Barratt, Pears’ Soap, and the Revival of Print”

*March 2nd          Wayne Wiegand and Sarah Wadsworth, Publication launch for                              Right Here I See My Own Books The Woman’s Building Library                                      at the World’s Columbian Exposition (See flyer).
*Meets in the Whittall Pavilion on the Ground Floor of the Jefferson Bldg

April  13th       Georgianna Ziegler, Shakespeare’s Sisters Tour*

*Meets in the Exhibit Hall of the Folger

2008-2009 Schedule

September 12th       Michael Winship, “‘The Tragedy of the Book Industry?’: Book Stores and Book Distribution in the United States, 1850 to 1900”

October 3rd  Greg Barnhisel, “Fighting the Cold War by the Book: American Books behind the Iron Curtain, 1948-59”

November 7th  Quint Gregory, “The Visual Resource Center and the Sistine Chapel Project”

December 5th  Clare Imholtz, “An U nknown American Alice Bibliographer” and August Imholtz, “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground and Across the Ocean”

February 6th  Joseph Zizek, “Making History: Contemporaries Write the French Revolution, 1789-99”

March 6th  Paul Ruxin, “Not in Fleeman: A Meditation on Collecting”

April 3rd  Sandy Kita, “Powerful AlternativesL New Views on Japanese Prints”

2001-2002 Schedule

September 6th  Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, “The Two-Faced Printer: Some Representations of the Craft and its Practitioners in the Age of the Hand Press”

October 4th  Steven W. May, “Poetry in Print and Manuscript: A First-Line Index of Elizabethan Verse”

November 1st

December 6th  Sabrina Alcorn Baron  Guided tour of the Folger Shakespeare LIbrary exhibition “The Reader Revealed”*

*Meet in the Folger Great Hall


February 7th  Ronald J. and Mary Saracino Zboray  “Beyond Reading Alone: Everyday  Literary Experiences Portrayed in Antebellum New Englanders’ Diaries and Letters”

March 7th  WAGPCS Participants Works-in-Progress

April 4th  Carol Armbruster  “French Pulp Fiction in Turn-of-the-Century America”

May 2nd  Ann Sarah Rubin  “The Valley of the Shadow CD-ROM Project”

2000-2001 Schedule

September 7th  Roundtable discussion of Adrian Johns, The Nature of the Book

October 5th  Lisa Gitelman  “Historicising Print Culture: On the Histories of  No-Print Media”

November 2  Stan Nelson  Demonstration of type founding and hand press printing*

*Meet in the Hall of Printing and Graphic Arts, 3rd floor, Smithsonian National Museum of American History

December 7th  Peter Stallybrass  “How to Read the Bible”

February 1st  WAGPCS Participants Works-in-Progress

March 1st  Wayne Wiegand  “Main Street Public LIbrary: Book Availability in the Rural Midwest, 1890-1970” and Kendall Larson  Demonstration of Database of Acquisitions for Five Midwestern Libraries

April 5th  Donald Farren  “What is Evidence of ‘Print Culture’? A Sub-Literary, Sub-Historical Case: Captain Willard Glazier (1841-1905), Soldier, Author, Explorer”

May 3rd  Stuart Sherman  Title TBA